Boyce Carpenter Bunce POST #195

Jonesville, Michigan

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Illustration of a Page Item

This item is intended to illustrate the multiple capabilities of a page item. Besides changing the text size and text color, you can also create bulleted lists:
  • first item
  • second item
  • third item 
and numbered lists:
  1. apple
  2. ball
  3. cheese
and change the text alignment

Enter the text, highlight it, and click the left button under Insert Item above. Type or paste the desired link into the Link URL box, and then click the X in the upper-right corner.

Remember that documents are displayed in reverse order so the most recent one has the largest number and is displayed at the top of the list.

Example of Pop-up Information

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Aenean velit est, condimentum ut iaculis ut, accumsan at mi. Maecenas velit mi, venenatis ut condimentum at, ultrices vel tortor. Curabitur pharetra ornare dapibus. Ut volutpat cursus semper. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec eu iaculis ipsum. Morbi eu dolor velit, a semper nunc.

Managing the Header

There is a special page called HEADER which manages information in the header. There are three Information Items in the HEADER page that can be edited:
  1. sign in to the admin system
  2. click the EDIT ITEMS button
  3. select the page HEADER
header pictures: these are the pictures that appear on the right-side of the header; one of the pictures is randomly selected when a page loads.
  1. click the EDIT link for header pictures
  2. manage the pictures like pictures on any other page

Note that the uploaded picture gets resized to the height used in the header. The pictures listed in this item are randomly selected to be used in the header. 

header title: these are the lines that appear near the center of the header; the initial design included three lines, but you can include up to 5 lines of text; each line wil be smaller than the previous line.

  1. click the EDIT link for header title
  2. manage the information items using only the item title

header tabs: these are the red-outlined boxes that appear on the bottom of the header. Each is designed to be a link to an external website.

click the EDIT link for header tabs
manage the information items - the item title is the text that appears in the box and the item abstract is the URL for the external website, beginning with http://

   title = MI Legion
   abstract =  


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